Our Passion. Your Sound.



In 2004, Heardrum Audio was founded to meet the growing need in Los Angeles Area venues for quality audio support, design and equipment specification.  Heardrum is born on the principle that equal attention be paid to small and large projects alike, offering the same resources to bold projects large and small.  

Heardrum widened its services to support Film and Television, Arts and Dance Communities, and Themed Entertainment.  Now, the works that Heardrum touches continue to be heard all over the world; with audiences in the millions and across four continents.  Our clientele continues to serve challenging art on small stages, but also serves challenging art and entertainment on the world stage, in large venues with millions of visitors, or via broadcasted sounds which reach ears everywhere. 

At Heardrum, we understand the importance of public address, and meeting the technical and artistic challenges that intelligibility of speech and music pose: effectively telling the story a Director wants to tell or accurately conveying the sound that Producers and Music makers want heard.  It’s what we strive for here. 


We look forward to helping you tell your story too.



Broad Museum Summer Happenings. 

White Hot , Directed by Caitlin Hart and produced by the Vagrancy