Man of La Mancha

3.31.2017 - 6.4.2017 / Sound Design and Sound Recording by Martin Carrillo

Man of La Mancha

In January, Nik Engelhart and Christopher Bosco joined the Heardrum Team to Assit and Engineer, Sound Designer, Martin Carrillo's vision for the show. It was a challenging decision early on to seat the band in the upper balcony of the theater and it required rethinking of the mains system and Vocal cluster. Nik and Christopher worked tirelessly during the tech phase to update scripts and tend to the band while supporting the run of rehearsals and show. 

ROmeo And Juliet

2.16.2017 / A Noise Within Theater, Pasadena, CA


4.24.2008 / Vanguard Investigative Journalism and Current TV

Paradise Lost SHadows and Wings

9.23.2007 / Theater @ Boston Court